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ARTS is an academic journal of the Society for the Arts in Religious and Theological Studies. ARTS has been recognized as the single publication devoted specifically to the role of the arts in theological education and religious studies while also serving clergy, artists, and laity interested in the religion and arts dialogue. This journal seeks to expand our understanding of how the arts deepen and sustain our lives of faith, and how our spiritualities rely upon on the arts for profound expression. We welcome articles on any topic related to the intersection of theology or religious studies with the arts.  Because our readership is comprised of academics, clergy, and artists, we actively seek articles that treat intersections among these fields.

In every issue, we publish about theology and the arts "in the study" (articles that are more academic in nature); "in the sanctuary" (articles that are more practical in nature, and that typically pertain to the employment of the arts in the church, synagogue, mosque, or temple); "in the studio" (articles that are more reflective in nature, most often submitted by artists about the spiritual dimension of their own work); and "in the classroom" (articles that are pedagogical in nature, offering insight about how to teach the interdisciplinary nature of these fields). Article submissions in the categories of "in the study" and "in the classroom" are double blind reviewed by experts in the field. Article submissions in the categories of "in the studio" and "in the sanctuary" are juried by the associate editors and by experts beyond them when it is deemed necessary or when the author wills it for matters of tenure and promotion.

ARTS is ecumenical and inter-religious. We focus on the visual arts, but are open to article submissions in all artistic media.

Guidelines are accessible here: http://theoarts.wordpress.com/authors. Inquiries and submissions are welcome at kjvrudny@stthomas.edu<mailto:kjvrudny@stthomas.edu>. Call with questions: 651.962.5337.


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