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3rd International Receptive Ecumenism Conference
9-12 June 2014, Fairfield University, Connecticut, USA

Building upon two previous conferences and jointly organized by the Center for Catholic Studies at Fairfield University and the Centre for Catholic Studies at Durham University in the United Kingdom, this conference will press the issue of Receptive Ecumenism in the more complex contexts of global Christian reality and in relation to some of the sharpest issues providing causes of tension and division within and between the traditions. The June 2014 Fairfield gathering will constitute the third and final envisaged international conference and it will bring together a large number of church leaders, theologians, ecumenists, ecclesial administrators, and practitioners from Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant traditions.

This conference aims to address the following issues:

  • what is the role of reception when denominational differences are complicated by postcolonial realities and the present-day phenomenon of globalization? Do these added factors make learning from others easier, more difficult, or perhaps simply more urgent?

  • In a world which is both more secular and more religious than it was only a short time ago, are the lessons that Christian traditions learn from one another potentially contributory not only to more harmonious relations within the Christian Church but also to healing the world?

  • Can receptive ecclesial learning provide a way forwards in relation to such thorny dividing issues as: differing practices and theologies of ecclesial decision-making, differing ethical discernments, differing understandings of the relationship between the local and the universal church, and of the place of women in ministry and ecclesial life?

To submit a proposal:  http://www.fairfield.edu/media/fairfielduniversitywebsite/

CFP Deadline:  5pm EST on January 15, 2014

For more info: www.fairfield.edu/ire

If you have any queries, please contact Michelle Towster, Administrator of the Center for Catholic Studies, Fairfield University at catholicstudies@fairfield.edu


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