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New Theology Review

The 50th anniversary of Vatican II is underway. At Catholic Theological Union, this three-year period is being celebrated with many special events. The editors of NTR would like to observe this by publishing an issue of peer-reviewed articles on the impact of Vatican II on current theology and Catholic life. Possible topics include the issues emerging from the four major Constitutions on Liturgy, Revelation, Church, and Church in the Modern World, and additional documents on Laity, Missionary Activity, Priesthood, Religious Life, Non-Christian Religions, and Religious Freedom. The speculative question -- if there would have been a 17th conciliar document, what would it be? -- could also form part of the coverage. Thematically, the following relevant topics may also be explored: sin, grace, sacraments, biblical exegesis; theological methodologies and their impact on catechesis; inculturation of moral normativity; option for the poor in a postmodern world; social media and new evangelization.

New Theology Review is a Catholic journal for ministry. Peer-reviewed and current, it offers resources that address contemporary trends in theology and pastoral practice. It publishes essays, invited columns, and book reviews designed for clergy, religious, and laity. NTR is an online, open-access journal published by the Paul Bechtold Library under the auspices of Catholic Theological Union. The target audience of NTR is professionally trained ministers or those preparing at the graduate level for pastoral ministry around the world. Articles submitted to NTR should be based on sound scholarship in theological disciplines, but should try as far as possible to maintain a pastoral tone and focus of interest to those in ministry. Submissions to be considered for publication in the peer-reviewed section of NTR will be subject to a double blind peer review process. Peer-reviewed articles are 3000-6000 words in length. Please see the journal's website for more information about submissions.











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