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Call for Papers: Essays on Catholicism in New Jersey
in Honor of the 350th Anniversary of the State

The New Jersey Catholic Historical Commission is looking for you to help us celebrate in print the history of Catholic New Jersey. Please consider sending a paper that covers some aspect of state religious history and we can gladly consider it for publication in an upcoming work of essays on this topic. Below is what we are looking for…

Target Audience: Amateur and professional historians alike, especially those interested in compiling parish histories and those requiring a deeper understanding of the specific history of the Catholic Church in New Jersey.

Topics to be covered: Any subject which deals with the history of the Catholic Church in New Jersey in some substantial way. This could include:

  • a history of a religious order that ministered in the State of New Jersey, or at least coverage of their work in the state
  • a biography of a priest or a layman who played a direct role in New Jersey Catholic history
  • coverage of the reaction of New Jersey Catholics to a specific event (i.e. Vietnam, Humanae Vitae, the Civil War)
  • coverage of the Church's participation in a given controversy or event (i.e. the Bishop's Bill of 1906, Cahenslyism, World War II, the Spanish Influenza epidemic, etc.)
  • analysis of broader topics and their effect of New Jersey Catholic history (i.e. temperance movement, anti-Catholicism, etc.)
  • articles about a specific Catholic event, i.e. reaction of the Ku Klux Klan to Dean McNulty's funeral

Topics not covered (mainly because they're covered in other planned volumes):

  • chronologies and timelines
  • statistical compilations
  • bibliographies, research guides, and archival finding aids
  • biographies of the bishops and archbishops of New Jersey
  • memoirs and reminiscences
  • coverage of people from New Jersey who simply happen to be Catholic, (i.e. Supreme Court Justices Sam Alito and William Brennan, Governor Chris Christie, Frank Sinatra, etc.)  Note, however, that an article on the importance of Judge William Brennan's Catholicity in his selection to the court and subsequent reaction in New Jersey to his joining the majority opinion in Roe vs. Wade for example would be welcome

Criteria for Selection

  • Articles between 5 and 50 pages, fully end-noted in good academic form on topics relevant to the history of Catholicism in NJ
  • Specific topics in the history of a given parish (i.e. the troubles at Little Flower in Berkley Heights in the 1980s, etc.)
  • General topics diocesan or state wide (i.e. Catholic temperance movement in post-Prohibition NJ, etc.)
  • Contemporary topics that require interviews and gathering of oral histories (because we're going to lose this if we don't move on it, i.e. Little Flower example, etc.
  • Priest biographies, or at least specific topics about them (i.e. Msgr William Heimbuch and the 1949 Singer strike in Elizabeth, etc.)
  • Then and Now pieces: While avoiding pure antiquarianism, articles that focuses on a given problem or challenge (i.e. staffing Catholic schools) and how that problem was handled over the years, with examples cited from NJ Catholic history specifically.

What we do not want

  • Full parish histories
  • Bishops biographies and historical method/how-to articles (because we have volumes coming out on these topics)
  • Personal reminiscences
  • Personal opinion/editorial pieces (i.e. calls for a return to the Tridentine liturgy or the ordination of women)
  • However, a history of the reintroduction of the Latin Mass to NJ churches or the troubles with groups such Roman Catholic Women priests would certainly work, etc.) · However, we are open to any proposal that fits our criteria or has a unique connection to the subject matter covered.

Qualifications for articles: Contributions are accepted from students, amateur, and professional historians alike. Authors are strongly encouraged to have their topic pre-approved before writing. A Word template and style sheet will be provided. The author need have no specific academic credentials, only that their work adhere to the standards of scholarship. All submissions must be endnoted and provide bibliographic references along with a brief note on sources. Then, the work will be sent for academic review to a member of the NJCHC, or someone designated by the commission, based on availability and academic expertise. This person will decide whether the work meets the standards necessary for publication. Articles should be at least 5 pages, but generally no more than 50 pages, in length. Wavers from these limits can be offered for a good reason.  While new scholarship is preferred, excerpts from existing works are both welcome and expected.  Thank you in advance for your interest.

Deadlines for submission:  We are looking to have initial proposals submitted by June 1, 2014. 

For More Information and Submissions Please contact Carl Ganz, Project Editor and Alan Delozier, Executive Director via e-mail at:, or by phone at: (973) 275-2378.


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