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Call For Papers

Consultation on Asian/Asian American Theology

Administrative Team:
     Lin Hoang, Sienna College (Convener)
     Christina Astorga, University of Portland
     Jonathan Tan, Australian Catholic University

Convention Theme: Sensus Fidelium

Session Description:
Asian/Asian-American Perspectives on Sensus Fidelium: From dogma to mythos (story-telling) and its Implications for Faith Formation, Maintenance and Transmission. In conjunction with the CTSA theme of “Sensus Fidelium,” the Asian and Asian-American Consultation seeks proposals exploring the diverse Asian and Asian American contributions to this theme. The act of story-telling is an attribute of Asian and Asian-American theological reflection supported by daily lived experiences. These experiences tend to be developed through the complex and diverse intersections of faith and culture.

We especially welcome proposals that explore these complexities within the context of:

  • pluricultural, pluriracial, pluriethnic, or plurireligious challenges, including hybridities and multiple belongings,
  • social, cultural, political, economic, gender, or sexual contestations and marginalizations,
  • the impact and implications of globalization or transnational migrations for faith formation, maintenance, or transmission,
  • popular piety and devotions, including their transnational or hybridized dimensions,
  • interreligious dialogue, or
  • intercultural or interracial encounters and collaborations.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Proposal should be not more than 250 words.
  • You should also include a 100 words précis that will be posted on the CTSA website should your paper be accepted.
  • Include full name and contact information of all participants, including e-mail.
  • Indicate whether your presenters will be requiring A/V equipment. 
  • CTSA guidelines require that those making proposals ordinarily be associate or full members in good standing with their dues paid up.  Anyone with an associate or full membership application on file can also submit a proposal if they expect to be accepted for membership in the upcoming June convention. 
  • No member may present a paper/respond to a paper/participate on a panel more than once at a given convention, with the exception of members of under-represented groups.

The deadline of the submission of proposals is on September 1, 2014. Please submit proposals to Linh Hoang at lhoang@siena.edu.
You will be notified by email whether your paper has been accepted by September 14, 2014.