Catholic Theological Society of America

Catholic Theological Society of America

Call For Papers

Bioethics/Healthcare Topic Session

2014 Convention Theme: Identity and Difference, Unity and Fragmentation

The Bioethics/Healthcare Topic Session welcomes proposals on any topic related to bioethics and healthcare that articulate their theological approach creatively and insightfully. The proposals might be related or not to the convention theme “Identity and Difference, Unity and Fragmentation,” broadly considered.

In the case of proposals that address the Convention’s theme, submitters can explore a specific theme or issue in bioethics or in healthcare by discussing it in light of one or more of the four suggested hermeneutic lenses–identity, difference, unity, and fragmentation–or of the proposed pairs: identity and difference, unity and fragmentation.

In bioethics, as examples, the proposals can focus on:

  • classic topics in theological bioethics (e.g., issues at the beginning of human life, ethical issues throughout the life span, and end of life issues);
  • issues concerning new biotechnologies (e.g., neurosciences, cybertechnologies, nanotechnologies, synthetic biology, artificial intelligence);
  • the bioethical implications of sustainability;
  • methodological issues concerning clinical bioethics vs. bioethics in the academy;
  • theoretical approaches to bioethics (e.g., principles, virtues, casuistry, etc.);
  • the multiplication of ethical approaches that are centered on a specific scientific discipline (e.g., neuroethics, nanoethics, and cyberethics).

In healthcare, as examples, the proposals can address ethical issues in:

  • health (e.g., to define and address it theologically);
  • healthcare (today and/or in the past), nationally and/or internationally;
  • healthcare professionals and/or institutions;
  • healthcare and human-social development;
  • healthcare and human rights;
  • global health;
  • public health;
  • Catholic healthcare (e.g., ethical issues concerning its history, contemporary practices and challenges).

Proposals should be limited to about 200 words and must include the following elements: the title of the paper, the author’s name and institution or affiliation, contact information, and any requests for audiovisuals (AV). It will not be possible to request AV after proposals are accepted.

Submit proposals as a Word document by email to the administrative team: Charles C. Camosy (, Andrea Vicini SJ (, Robert V. Doyle ( by September 1, 2013. Submitters will be notified of acceptance or non-acceptance by September 14, 2013. In the case of accepted proposal, a 100 word précis needs to be submitted to the administrative team by September 21, 2013.

A gentle reminder: those who submit proposals must either be CTSA members (full or associate) with dues paid up to date, or have an application for (associate) membership on file with the CTSA Secretary by the September 1, 2013 proposal submission date. They are also required to register for the convention.

Thank you in advance for your submissions.

The Bioethics/Healthcare administrative team: Charles C. Camosy, Andrea Vicini SJ, Robert V. Doyle