Catholic Theological Society of America

Catholic Theological Society of America

Call For Papers

Church and Ecumenism Topic Session

Ecumenism, Unity and Fragmentation

The 2014 Convention of the Catholic Theological Society of America will focus on the theme “Identity and Difference, Unity and Fragmentation.” The organizers of the convention have identified the 50th anniversary of the Second Vatican Council’s Decree on Ecumenism, Unitatis Redintegratio, as the starting point for the convention’s conversation, and there will no doubt be much work done throughout the meeting on topics of Church and Ecumenism. The Church and Ecumenism Topic Session invites papers that focus primarily upon the current state of the ecumenical movement in relation to ecclesial identity. In the light of political, moral, and social issues that bring about internal fragmentation in the churches, papers might examine the emergence of new unities and new divisions across denominational lines, or the effects of these developments upon ecumenical dialogue. A second possible focus is the current state of the ecumenical movement fifty years after the Roman Catholic Church’s conciliar commitment to ecumenical dialogue. Papers might focus upon the state of multilateral and bilateral dialogues, current Roman Catholic positions on ecumenism in relation to post-conciliar theology and debates over the interpretation of the Council, or the W.C.C. Faith and Order document The Church: Towards a Common Vision. Proposals that consider the theme of “catholicity,” which embraces both unity and difference, and additional papers relating the topics of church and ecumenism to the convention theme are also welcomed.

Submission guidelines:

  • Proposals should be 200-500 words.

  • Provide the name and institution of all participants, if your proposal is for a panel presentation (moderator, presenters, responders, etc.) Please limit the panel to 2 major presentations. Insofar as possible, please ensure that they are active members of the CTSA.

  • Include the full name and contact information of all participants.

  • Indicate whether your presenters require A.V. equipment.

  • Provide a 100-word précis of the papers that can be used for the online conference program.

  • Submit on or before September 1st to Brian Flanagan at

An e-mail reply will be sent soon after confirming that we have received your submission. You will be further notified no later than September 14th regarding the eventual acceptance of your proposal.