Catholic Theological Society of America

Catholic Theological Society of America

Call For Papers

Church / Ecumenism Topic Session

Administrative Team:
     Cheryl Peterson, Trinity Lutheran Seminary (Convener)
     Richard Lennan, Boston College SMT
     Shawn Colberg, College of St. Benedict / St. John’s University

Convention Theme: Sensus Fidelium

Session Description:
Ecclesiology, Reception, and the Sensus Fidelium
The 2015 Convention of the Catholic Theological Society of America will focus on the theme “Sensus Fildelium.” The convention organizers have devoted the convention theme to sensus fidelium as an appropriate way to mark the 50th anniversary of the closing of the Second Vatican Council, which affirmed the full participation of all of the baptized in the life and mission of the church.

The Church and Ecumenism Topic Session invites papers that focus primarily upon the sensus fildelium as it relates to ecclesiology. In particular, we invite proposals that explore how the sensus fidelium is connected to the notion of reception and the instruments of authority and discernment in the church. For example, one possible focus would be to consider how sensus fidelium operates in the inculturation of the church’s faith in different contexts. Another possible focus is the synodal possibilities for life in the church, including Pope Francis’s proposed structural reforms, the relationship of parishes to dioceses and dioceses to the wider church, as well as the collegiality of bishops. Proposals that relate the convention theme to the topics of church and/or ecumenism in other ways are also welcomed.

Submission guidelines:

  • Proposal should be between 200 to 500 words.
  • You should also include a 100 words précis that will be posted on the CTSA website should your paper be accepted.
  • Include full name and contact information of all participants, including e-mail.
  • Indicate whether your presenters will be requiring A/V equipment. 
  • CTSA guidelines require that those making proposals ordinarily be associate or full members in good standing with their dues paid up.  Anyone with an associate or full membership application on file can also submit a proposal if they expect to be accepted for membership in the upcoming June convention. 
  • No member may present a paper/respond to a paper/participate on a panel more than once at a given convention, with the exception of members of under-represented groups.

Deadline: September 1, 2014.  Please submit proposals to: Cheryl Peterson at
You will be notified by e-mail whether your paper has been accepted by September 14, 2014.