Catholic Theological Society of America

Catholic Theological Society of America

Call For Papers

Fundamental Theology and Method Topic Session

Administrative Team:

Stephen Okey, Saint Leo University (Convener)
Peter Bernardi, SJ, Loyola University Chicago
John Thiel, Fairfield University

Convention Theme: Identity and Difference, Unity and Fragmentation

Session Description:
In what ways can the resources of fundamental theology contribute to the work of restoring Christian unity fifty years after Unitatis Redintegratio? While the ecumenical movement has borne much fruit since the end of Vatican II, Christians still clash over fundamental truth claims, the normative status of different theological authorities, and the posture of the Christian community towards the world. Moreover, as theology has paid greater attention to the role of ethnic, geographical, and socio-economic context, a profound tension between unity and difference has marked theological conversation. What role, then, do difference, hybridity, and otherness play in our understanding of truth claims? David Tracy has described theology as “gathering the fragments” of the infinite, but can this gathering lead to unity or only to further heterogenization? To what extent is “unity” prized within and among different forms and churches in Christianity? Must difference mean fragmentation or an understanding that in postmodernity there are multiple centers of authority, a pluralism of interpretations?

The fundamental theology and method section welcomes proposals that explore any of the above questions as well as other ways of conceiving the intersection between fundamental theology and the conference’s theme. The section will also consider outstanding proposals on topics that do not pursue the conference’s theme.

Information to be Included in Your Proposal:

  • Your paper proposal should be between 250-400 words, sent in an MS Word .doc file
  • You should also include a 100 words précis to be posted on the CTSA website if your paper is accepted.
  • Please provide your name and institution and contact information, including e-mail.
  • Indicate whether you will be requiring A/V equipment. 

Eligibility for Submitting Paper Proposals:

  • CTSA guidelines require that those making proposals ordinarily be associate or full members in good standing with their dues paid up.  Anyone with an associate or full membership application on file can also submit a proposal if they expect to be accepted for membership in the upcoming June convention. 
  • No member may present a paper/respond to a paper/participate on a panel more than once at a given convention. An exception is made for members of under-represented groups. Presentations made to the Women’s Consultation on Constructive Theology are included in this rubric.

Deadline: September 1, 2013.  Please submit proposals to:  Stephen Okey (

You will be notified by e-mail whether your paper has been accepted by September 14, 2013.