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Call For Papers

God/Trinity Topic Session

Administrative Team:

Nancy Dallavalle (Convener)
Manuel Cruz
Karl Hefty

Convention Theme: "Justice and Mercy"

Session Description:
In keeping with that theme, we are interested in papers that explore the relation between “Justice and Mercy.” Questions may include, but are not limited to: How has or should the relationship between divine mercy and divine justice be understood theologically? Has divine mercy been neglected as an attribute of God—in favor of truth or justice, for example—and if so, why? Can divine mercy be conceived in terms of a metaphysical conception of God, or are other theological or philosophical approaches necessary? What, specifically, is meant by the idea of “divine” mercy? Alternately, while systematic, historical, and biblical approaches are all welcome, this theme particularly invites biblical treatments of the doctrine of God, or treatments that take a theological approach to the many names for God. Another approach might offer a theological account of justice and mercy that takes account of the conference’s location in Puerto Rico.

We would strongly consider proposals that respond, in a variety of ways, to Cardinal Walter Kasper’s Mercy: The Essence of the Gospel and the Key to Christian Life (Paulist, 2014). Cardinal Kasper locates the discussion of mercy and justice in a theological account of God’s self-revelation in history, and argues the problem of mercy makes new thinking about the doctrine of God necessary.

We welcome your proposals! In particular, we welcome proposals that offer diverse perspectives on the doctrine of God.

The proposal should be between 200-500 words and should include the name, institution, and contact information of the author/s. If you require any AV equipment, you must clearly state this need in your proposal. Those presenting papers should ordinarily be CTSA members in good standing and have no other speaking role at the convention. An exception is made for members of under-represented groups, but exceptions are not made for presentations made to the Women’s Consultation on Constructive Theology. A new CTSA rule stipulates that no member should present at the convention more often than 2 out of 3 years.

Please submit the proposal to Nancy Dallavalle (Fairfield University) via email ndallavalle@fairfield.edu. The deadline for proposals is September 1, and the notification date will be September 21.