Catholic Theological Society of America

Catholic Theological Society of America

Call For Papers

Liturgy/Sacraments Topic Session

Administrative Team:

Steve Rodenborn (St. Edward’s University)
Jonathan Tan (Australian Catholic University)
Judith Kubicki (Fordham University)

Theme: Identity and Difference, Unity & Fragmentation

The Liturgy/Sacraments Topic section invites proposals for the 2014 Convention that explore the dynamics of identity and difference, unity and fragmentation in the Christian sacramental life. Explicit attention to these dynamics frequently characterizes contemporary sacramental and liturgical discourse, and we look forward to proposals that illustrate the variety of productive theological avenues opened up by our convention theme. Possible topics might reflect on the following:

  1. the potential of liturgical celebration to establish, extend or disrupt individual and community identity;

  2. the sacramental dynamic of absence and presence;

  3. an ecclesial unity marked by liturgical diversity, including diverse liturgical rites, a single rite celebrated in distinct global contexts, or the Roman Rite celebrated in the ordinary and extraordinary forms;

  4. the implications and challenges to the identity and unity of liturgical celebrations by the forces of: (a) postcolonialism, transnationalism, or globalization, (b) mass migration of peoples, or (c) racial, ethnic, cultural, national, religious, gender, or sexual diversities or differences;

  5. the plasticity of ecclesial boundaries shaped by liturgical practices found at the margins of the Church; and

  6. the state of ecumenical worship 50 years after Unitatis Redintegratio, with particular interest in the issues of intercommunion, shared liturgical ministries, rituals, feasts, as well as common liturgical texts and readings.

Proposals should be between 200-500 words and include the author’s name, institution, and contact information.  The deadline for submission is September 1, 2013.  Notification of acceptance for presentations will be given by September 14, 2013.  A maximum of three papers will be selected for the session.  Please specify in the proposal any audio-visual support required.  Authors of accepted papers must submit a 100 word prĂ©cis by October 5, 2013.  Recall that CTSA policy limits presenters to one speaking role on the convention program, with the exception of underrepresented constituencies.  Please send proposals to the convener, Steve Rodenborn (