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Call For Papers

Interest Group on Christian Theologies Response to Islam (2012-2014)

Session Description: Revelation and Prophecy
Theologians over the centuries, particularly in the West, have tended to dismiss the Islamic critique of Christian faith as being groundless or as being based on a misunderstanding of our tradition. However, in the coming decades Muslims will be increasingly lively interlocutors of Christian theology in the West as they have been traditionally for the Eastern Churches. Therefore it will be ever more important to develop fresh approaches to this often stalemated theological interaction.

This group’s method will be to listen attentively to, and to take seriously, the Qur'anic and Islamic critique of Christians’ theological language and doctrinal positions, and then to ask what kind of theological moves are called for to be responsive to that critique in a constructive rather than a defensive or polemical way. Its emphasis, therefore, is specifically on constructive theology rather than on issues of Muslim-Christian dialogue more broadly.

The Interest Group is focusing on three main areas of concern in which the Islamic tradition has critically engaged Christian theology since the beginning. In 2012 we looked at the Doctrine of God and, of course, Trinity. In 2013 the topic was Sin and Salvation.

For 2014, the topic is Revelation and Prophecy. and we are seeking proposals from members for three papers:

The first will give careful attention to Qur’anic notions of revelation and prophecy and the critique both implicit and explicit of Christian understandings of those phenomena; it will formulate the questions that critique poses to Christian theology.

This will be followed by two papers that engage those questions and offer suggestions for a way forward, not necessarily to agreement but at least to better mutual understanding of the particularity of each tradition.

Ideally the three scholars whose proposals are accepted will work together with the coordinator to meld their presentations into a coherent whole. The first paper will be made available to the other speakers well before the meeting.

Information to be included in your proposal:

  • Your paper proposal should be not more than 250 words.
  • You should also include a 100 words précis that will be posted on the CTSA website should your paper be accepted.
  • Please provide your name and institution and contact information, including e-mail.
  • Indicate whether you will be requiring A/V equipment.

Eligibility for Submitting Paper Proposals:

  • CTSA guidelines require that those making proposals ordinarily be associate or full members in good standing with their dues paid up.  Anyone with an associate or full membership application on file can also submit a proposal if they expect to be accepted for membership in the upcoming June convention. 
  • No member may present a paper/respond to a paper/participate on a panel more than once at a given convention. An exception is made for members of under-represented groups. Presentations made to the Women’s Consultation on Constructive Theology are included in this rubric.

Deadline: September 1, 2013.  Please submit proposals to:  Dan Madigan  <dam76@georgetown.edu>.

You will be notified by e-mail whether your paper has been accepted by September 14, 2013.