Catholic Theological Society of America

Catholic Theological Society of America

Call For Papers

Spirituality Topic Session

Administrative Team:

Thomas McElligott
Patrick Kelly, SJ
Simon J. Hendry, SJ

Convention Theme: Identity and Difference, Unity and Fragmentation

Session Description:
Call for Papers:

The Spirituality Topic Session invites paper proposals for the 2013 convention that

  1. The academic discipline of Christian spirituality examines the lived experience of faith. Its method is interdisciplinary and the scholar makes us of such disciplines as psychology, sociology, literary criticism, biblical studies, and theology in her/his inquiry.

  2. The Spirituality Topic Session invites proposals that develop a thought-provoking position on an interesting proposition that falls within the field of Christian spirituality.

  3. A paper topic in this section should lay out its argument in terms of a thick description of experience, a reflective critical analysis of that experience, and a constructive understanding of that experience as is it open to transcendence.

  4. Papers that address the Convention theme, ‘Identity and Difference, Unity and Fragmentation’ are especially encouraged.

    Possible topic areas (not at all exclusive) might be:

    • Immigration and the immigrant experience and the spirituality that crosses borders.
    • Spirituality/ies involved in dealing with LGBT issues.
    • Spirituality/ies dealing with economic inequality: 1%/99%.
    • Spirituality/ies dealing with political polarization
    • The secular: enemy or friend?
    • Personal growth and identity formation: individual quest and fragmentation
    • Development of a social conscience: spirituality of difference and unity.
    • Relation between spirituality and a commitment to justice
    • Spirituality and polarization within the Church
    • Spirituality for living at the ‘outskirts of existence’

Proposals should be between 200-500 words and include the author’s name, institution, and contact information. The deadline for submission is September 1, 2013. Notification of acceptance for presentation will be given by September 21, 2013. Authors of accepted papers will be required to submit a 100 word précis for the program posted on the web. A maximum of three papers will be selected for the session.

Proposals should clearly state the topic to be developed in the paper, the approach that will be taken, and the conclusion as currently envisioned. Instead of an individual paper, you may wish to propose a panel on which three speakers would each speak for about twenty minutes on a common topic. You may also wish to propose a team of two persons who propose the same topic from two different points of view. Please articulate in the proposal any audio-visual support required. Recall that CTSA policy limits presenters to one speaking role on the convention program, with the exception of underrepresented constituencies. Presenters should ordinarily be CTSA members in good standing. Please send proposals as an email attachment in a Word document to Tom McElligott: