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Call for Papers

The CTSA's Call for Papers are located on the webpage's drop-down navigational link titled "Convention".  This link is located in the header of the CTSA webpages. 

Note that the drop down menu offers links to "Topic Sessions", "Consultations", "Interest Groups", and "Select Sessions".  It is within these categorical links you will find the call for papers.

Example:  The Call for Papers by the Topic Session "Anthropology" is able to be located by going to the CTSA's home page.  On the home page, hover your mouse over the word "Convention" to receive the drop-down menu.  Click on the "Topic Session" link.  You will now be on a page that lists all of the Topic Sessions and their call for papers.  It is here that you will see the Anthropology Sessions' call for papers.  The words "Call for Papers" are the link to the Call for Papers document.

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