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Convention 2005 Pictures

Special appreciation to J.J.Mueller S.J. for sharing these pictures.

President Roberto Goizueta, Past President Shawn Copeland, and President Elect Mary Catherine Hilkert at the opening of the Sixtieth Anniversary Convention.

Jürgen Moltmann and Elisabeth Moltmann-Wendel traveled from Tübingen,
Germany to deliver the Opening Plenary Address "To Believe with All Your Senses."

Sandra Schneiders offered the Second Plenary Address, "Touching the
Risen Jesus: Mary Magdalene and Thomas the Twin in John 20."
She is pictured here with Bishop Richard Skilba who responded to her paper.

John Haught, who gave the Third Plenary Address--"Science,
Naturalism, and Resurrection," with Anne Clifford, respondent.

Mary Catherine Hilkert displays a banner made by Kopanang, a women's
collective in South Africa, to celebrate the Sixtieth Anniversary of CTSA.
The collection from the convention Eucharist was donated to this collective
to help support destitute and HIV-impacted families, with particular
emphasis on vulnerable children.

Roberto Goizueta presents the 2005 John Courtney Murray Award
to Robert J. Schreiter.

Charles Curran, CTSA President, 1969-1970, and the first recipient
of the John Courtney Murray Award (1972), shares some significant
early moments in the history of the Society at the banquet.

Leo O'Donovan reflects on events during his term
as CTSA President, 1981-1982.

Anne Patrick, who served as CTSA President 1989-90,
reminisces at the CTSA Banquet.

Elizabeth Johnson, CTSA President 1995-96 and John Courtney
Murray Award recipient in 2004, recalls historic "firsts" in CTSA history.

M. Shawn Copeland, CTSA President 2003-04, reflects on the history
of the CTSA and the vocation of the theologian at the banquet.

Seventeen past presidents of the CTSA gather at the convention banquet.

Past President Roger Haight (1994-95) with John Courtney Murray Award Recipients
(from left to right): Kenan Osborne, Robert Schreiter, Agnes Cunningham,
Gerard Sloyan, Margaret Farley, Michael Fahey, Elizabeth Johnson,
Charles Curran, and Monika Hellwig.

Roberto Goizueta delivers the Presidential Address on Sunday, June 12, 2005.

Roberto Goizueta passes the gavel to Mary Catherine Hilkert,
CTSA President 2005-2006.

J.J. Mueller (chair of local arrangements committee and photographer
for the convention) with Mary Catherine Hilkert.

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