Becoming a Member
Active membership
is open to those who possess the doctoral degree in theological or related studies, and who are or have been actively engaged in teaching and research. In exceptional cases the Committee on Admissions may recommend for active membership those whose education and scholarly achievements could be considered as meeting the standards customarily demanded for the doctorate. Access Active Membership Application Form.

Associate membership is open to those who have completed at least the course requirements for a doctoral degree in theology or a related field of study. Access Associate Membership Application Form.

All CTSA members receive:

  • A copy of the Proceedings of the annual convention 
  • A copy of the CTSA Directory, which is updated regularly 
  • Discounts on all CTSA publications 

Beginning in 2005, annual dues will be assessed using the following schedule

Income Range
<$20,000 $30
$20 - 30,000 $60
$30 - 40,000 $75
$40 - 50,000 $90
$50 - 60,000 $105
>$60,000 $120

2005 dues must be received by October 1, 2005 in order to receive Vol. 60 of the Proceedings on time. If you would like to make a donation to CTSA, please add it to your dues amount.

As we work through this changeover of how annual dues are calculated, please help us to make sure we have the correct information. Should there be some discrepancy between our records and yours, please provide us with that information (and a photocopy of your cancelled check) and we will be glad to make any corrections.

Application for Active Membership

Application for Associate Membership



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