Catholic Theological Society of America

Catholic Theological Society of America


2014 Convention at the Manchester Grand Hyatt

Dates: June 5-8, 2014

Theme: "Identity and Difference, Unity and Fragmentation"

Program: The 69th Annual Convention of the CTSA

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Plenary Speakers:

Anthony Godzieba, Villanova University
Paul Griffiths, Duke University
Christina Astorga, Gonzaga University
Richard Gaillardetz, Boston College

Resource Materials for Convention Leadership Teams

Best Practices and Guidelines for Leadership Teams
Call for Papers Template

Call for Papers: Please click on the appropriate header listed below to view the Call for Papers for Topic Sessions, Consultations, Interest Groups, or Selected Sessions. As you consider submitting a paper proposal, please keep in mind the society's rule that members may have no more than one "speaking role" (presenter, panelist or respondent) on the convention program. Serving as either a convener or moderator is not considered a speaking role.

If you are not yet a member or associate member of CTSA, in order to submit a paper proposal the CTSA secretary will need to have your application for (associate) membership on file by the September 1st deadline for paper submissions.

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Topic Sessions
Topic Sessions are dedicated to exploring specific areas of theological content and function as convention rubrics within which the CTSA membership may offer paper proposals.  Paper proposals submitted in each area are evaluated by an administrative team, which determines the convention program for each Topic Session.  Topic Sessions are relatively permanent parts of the CTSA convention structure.  Periodically, the Board conducts a review to determine if the current listing of Topic Sessions best serves the interests of the membership.

Consultations are relatively permanent convention program units defined by a specific theological theme or focus.  The subject matter of a Consultation is of interest to a significant number of CTSA members and/or has been deemed an area of special value to the Society.   Each Consultation establishes its own procedures for setting its convention program.

Interest Groups
Interest Groups are temporary convention program units.   CTSA members who are engaged in a focused, scholarly project or who would like to learn about a new theological area may apply to the Board for recognition as an Interest Group, and, once approved, the Interest Group is provided a three-year term on the convention program.  Each Interest Group establishes its own procedures for setting its convention program.  For information on “Proposing a New Interest Group,” please see this link under the homepage link “Convention Structure.”

Selected Sessions
Selected Sessions are "one time" program units offered at a particular convention.  The CTSA membership is invited to make proposals for the six to nine slots available for Selected Sessions, and these proposals are evaluated by the Program Committee of the Board. 

2014 Convention

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