To access the call for papers for each topic area, please click on the Topic Area title. These will be made active links as soon as information is available.

Please note that each topic area has its own deadline for submissions in late August or very early September. Information for topic areas will be updated as they become available.

Anthropology Bioethics/Healthcare
Rosemary P. Carbine
Michele Saracino
Colleen Griffith
John Berkman
Teresia Hinga
Ron Mercier

Catholic Social Thought Catholicity and Mission

Charles Curran
Christopher Vogt
Judith Merkle

Gerald Boodoo
Mary McGlone
Gemma Cruz

Christ Church/Ecumenism
Michael E. Lee
Thomas Weinandy
Pat Walter

Edward Hahnenberg
Chris Ruddy
Catherine Clifford

Comparative Theology


Francis Clooney
Pim Valkenberg
David Clairmont

John Shields
Colleen Carpenter Cullinan
Natalie Weaver

Fundamental Theology/Method God/Trinity
  Vincent Miller
Jim Keating
Karen Trimble Alliaume
  Joseph Bracken
Gill Goulding
Gloria Schaab
Historical Studies


Joan M. Nuth
Daniel Doyle
Franklin Harkins

Bruce Morrill
Timothy Brunk
Lizette Larson-Miller

Moral Theology

Practical Theology

Bill Mattison
Kari-Shane Davis Zimmerman
David Cloutier
Tom Beaudoin
Lynn Bridgers
Susan Abraham

Spirituality Theology and Science

Tom McElligott
Ray Maria McNamara
Peter Feldmeier

Vincent Pizzuto
Ilia Delio
Richard Kropf



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