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Catherine Mowry LaCugna Award

  • Award Description, Criteria, and Submission Process

  • Award for 2013: Christiana Z. Peppard
    Essay Title: "'Fresh Water and Catholic Social Teaching"

  • Award for 2012: Anna Harrison
    Essay Title: "'Jesus Wept': Mourning as Imitation of Christ in Bernard's Sermon Twenty-Six
    on the Song of Songs"

  • Award for 2011: Kimberly Baker
    Essay Title: "Augustine's Doctrine of the Totus Christus: Reflecting on the Church as Sacrament of Unity"

  • Award for 2010: Steven Bullivant
    Essay Title: "Sine culpa? Vatican II and inculpable ignorance"

  • Award for 2009: Christopher Pramuk
    Essay Title: "Apocalypticism in a Catholic Key, Lessons from Thomas Merton"

  • Award for 2008: Dominic Doyle
    Essay Title: "Retrieving the Hope of Christian Humanism: A Thomistic Reflection on Charles Taylor and Nicholas Boyle"

  • Award for 2007: Laura Grimes
    Essay Title: "The Influence of Augustine on Medieval Women's Theology: Gertrud of Helfta's Herald of God's Loving-Kindness"

  • Award for 2006: Laura M. Taylor
    Essay Title: "La Frontera: Boundaries, Identities and Difference
    in Theological Thought"

  • Award for 2005: Gemma Tulud Cruz
    Essay Title: "One Bread, One Body, One People: The Challenges
    of Migration to Theological Reflection"

The John Courtney Murray Award