Catholic Theological Society of America

Catholic Theological Society of America


CTSA Proceedings

To Believe with All Your Senses:The Resurrection of the Body
   Jürgen Moltmann and and Elisabeth Moltmann-Wendel; p. 01-12; PDF

Touching the Risen Jesus: Mary Magdalene and Thomas the Twin in John 20
   Sandra M. Schneiders; p. 13-35; PDF

A Response to Sandra M. Schneiders
   Bishop Richard J. Sklba; p. 36-38; PDF

Science, Naturalism, and Resurrection
   John F. Haught; p. 39-50; PDF

A Response to John F. Haught PRESIDENTIAL ADDRESS
   Anne M. Clifford; p. 51-56; PDF

The Crucified and Risen Christ:From Calvary to Galilee
   Roberto S. Goizueta; p. 57-71; PDF

John Paul II’s Theology of the Body and Its Reception among Undergraduates
   William C. Mattison III; p. 72-73; PDF

Resurrection-Interruption-Transformation:Incarnation as Hermeneutical Strategy
   Anthony J. Godzieba; p. 74-75; PDF

Schillebeeckx on the Resurrection:Effects and Reactions in Contemporary Scholarship
   Kathleen McManus; p. 76-77; PDF

Sexuality and Resurrection of the Body
   Christine Jamieson; p. 78-79; PDF

Contextual Approaches to the Resurrection of the Body
   Jennifer L. S. Bader; p. 80-81; PDF

Legitimate Authority and War
   David DeCosse; p. 82-83; PDF

Resurrection of the Body in Early Judaism and Early Christianity
   Elena G. Procario-Foley; p. 84-85; PDF

Aquinas and Ghazali on Resurrection of the Body
   Marianne Farina; p. 86-87; PDF

Ecumenism and Interchurch Families
   George Kilcourse, Jr.; p. 88-90; PDF

International Network of Societies for Catholic Theology
   Bradford Hinze; p. 91-92; PDF

Resurrection of the Body in Feminist Theology
   Nancy Pineda-Madrid; p. 93-94; PDF

Re-membering the Body. The First Forty Years: Reflections on the Lutheran-Catholic Dialogue, USA
   Jeffrey Gros; p. 95-96; PDF

Transformation of the Body in Hindu,Buddhist, and Islamic Discourse
   Francis X. Clooney; p. 97-98; PDF

Is the Resurrection of Jesus a Historical Event?
   Aristotle Papanikolaou; p. 99-100; PDF

Women’s Seminar in Constructive Theology
   Elaine MacMillan; p. 101-102; PDF

   Tatha Wiley; p. 103-104; PDF

Comparative Theology
   Catherine Cornille; p. 105-106; PDF

Hans Urs von Balthasar Society
   Peter Casarella; p. 107-108; PDF

John Henry Newman and Method in Theology (Joint Session)
   Kevin Godfrey; p. 109-110; PDF

Black Catholic Theology
   Jamie T. Phelps; p. 111-114; PDF

   Susan K. Wood; p. 115-116; PDF

Moral Theology
   Kristin E. Heyer and Thomas B. Leininger; p. 117-118; PDF

Practical Theology
   Kathleen A. Cahalan; p. 119-120; PDF

Renaissance and Modern Theology
   William McConville; p. 121; PDF

Yves Congar Ecumenical Colloquium
   Jaroslav Z. Skira; p. 122-123; PDF

Bioethics and Healthcare
   Mark Miller; p. 124-125; PDF

Missiology and Mission Theology
   Colleen Mary Mallon; p. 126-127; PDF

North American Contextual Theology
   John J. Markey; p. 128-129; PDF

Sacramental and Liturgical Theology
   Bruce Morrill; p. 130-131; PDF

   Diana L. Villegas; p. 132-133; PDF

Theology and the Natural Sciences
   William Stoeger; p. 134-135; PDF

Catholic Social Teaching
   Brian D. Berry; p. 136-137; PDF

Early Christian Theology
   Alexis James Doval; p. 138-139; PDF

Karl Rahner Society
   Howard J. Ebert; p. 140-141; PDF

Latino/a Theology
   Gary Riebe-Estrella; p. 142-143; PDF

Trinitarian Theology
   Anthony Keaty; p. 144-145; PDF

Theology and Ecology
   Jame Schaefer; p. 146-147; PDF

Theology and Philosophy
   James Le Grys; p. 148-149; PDF

White Privilege and Racism
   Laurie Cassidy and Alex Mikulich; p. 150-151; PDF

The Church in the United States
   J. Michael Byron; p. 152-154; PDF

Constructive Theology and Contemporary Theory
   Vincent J. Miller and Michele Saracino; p. 155-156; PDF

Theological Anthropology
   Anne M. Clifford; p. 157-158; PDF

The Nature and Purpose of the Church
   Michael A. Fahey; p. 159-160; PDF

World Church Theology
   Gerald M. Boodoo; p. 161-162; PDF

Secretary’s Report
   M. Theresa Moser; p. 163-180; PDF

Treasurer’s Report
   Roger E. McGrath; p. 181-182; PDF

Appendix 1 Addenda to the CTSA Directory 2005
   M. Theresa Moser; p. 183-191; PDF

Sixtieth Anniversary Convention Data
   M. Theresa Moser; p. 192-195; PDF