Catholic Theological Society of America

Catholic Theological Society of America


CTSA Proceedings

The Encounter of the Early Church with the Greek and Roman World: A View from Monastic Theology
   Columba Stewart; p. 01-13; PDF

A Response to Columba Stewart
   Gary Macy; p. 14-18; PDF

Theology and Indigenous Cultures of the Americas: Conditions of Dialogue
   María Pilar Aquino; p. 19-50; PDF

A Response to María Pilar Aquino
   Carl Starkloff; p. 51-55; PDF

Dangers and Promise in the Encounter of Theology and the Secular Intellectual World
   Stanley Hauerwas; p. 56-76; PDF

A Response to Stanley Hauerwas
   Christine Gudorf; p. 77-80; PDF

Dialogue, Proclamation, and the Sacramental Imagination PRESIDENTIAL ADDRESS
   Mary Catherine Hilkert; p. 81-98; PDF

Theological Reflections on Dislocated Lives
   Edward Sunshine; p. 99-100; PDF

The Moral Theology of William C. Spohn The Moral Theology of William C. Spohn
   Thomas B. Leininger; p. 101-103; PDF

Theology and Publishing
   Paul Crowley; p. 104-105; PDF

Christian Jewish Relations
   Carol Ann Martinelli; p. 106-107; PDF

Discourse, Dialogue, and Spirituality
   Francis X. McAloon; p. 108-109; PDF

Theology in Global Perspective
   James A. Wiseman; p. 110-111; PDF

Economics and Theology
   Albino Barrera; p. 112-113; PDF

The Im/Possibility of Dialogue
   Susan Abraham; p. 114-115; PDF

Catholic Theologies, Intrafaith Dialogue, and Pluralism
   Teresia Hinga; p. 116-117; PDF

Peter and Paul Seminar
   James A. Coriden; p. 118; PDF

Asian Churches in Dialogue
   Edmund K.-F. Chia; p. 119-120; PDF

Terror and Eschatology
   Natalie Kertes Weaver; p. 121-122; PDF

Ritualized Readings
   W. T. Dickens; p. 123-124; PDF

The Complexity of Dialogue
   Thomas Ryan; p. 125-126; PDF

Theology and the Arts
   Susan A. Ross; p. 127-128; PDF

Indology and Theology: Disciplines in Dialogue
   Francis X. Clooney; p. 129-130; PDF

Women's Seminar in Constructive Theology
   Dawn M. Nothwehr; p. 131-132; PDF

EARLY CHRISTIAN Lessons from Ancient Christian Catecheses and Polemics
   Alexis James Doval; p. 133-134; PDF

Practical Moral Reasoning and Popular Culture
   Kristin E. Heyer; p. 135-136; PDF

Mission in Prophetic Dialogue
   Stephen Bevans & Colleen Mary Mallon; p. 137-138; PDF

The Depth of the Riches: S. Mark Heim’s The Depth of the Riches: A Trinitarian Theology of Religious Ends
   Anthony Keaty; p. 139-140; PDF

Reason, Poetry, and Theology: “Vernacularity” in Dante and Aquinas
   Gregory LaNave; p. 141-142; PDF

Roman Catholic Contributions to Psychiatric Ethics: The Case of Addictions
   Mark Miller; p. 143-144; PDF

Christian Commentaries on the Bhagavad Gita
   Leo D. Lefebure; p. 145; PDF

Social Science and Practical Theology: Theory, Method and Substance
   Kathleen A. Cahalan; p. 146-147; PDF

Congar: Church, World, and Christian Peacemaking
   Jaroslav Z. Skira; p. 148-149; PDF

Method, Dialogue, and Comparative Religions: Testing Lonergan’s “Upper Blade
   Richard M. Liddy; p. 150-151; PDF

Theology in Dialogue: von Balthasar and Rahner
   Peter Casarella & David L. Schindler; p. 152-153; PDF

The Black Subject in the Post-Modern World: Africana Theologies in Dialogue
   Jamie T. Phelps; p. 154-156; PDF

Christian and Islamic Ethics in Dialogue
   Margaret R. Pfeil; p. 157-158; PDF

   William E. McConville; p. 159; PDF

John Henry Newman in Dialogue
   Kevin Godfrey; p. 160; PDF

Dialogue: After Auschwitz, after John Paul II
   Tatha Wiley; p. 161-162; PDF

Sources for Latino/a Theologies: Dialogues with the Practices of Afro-Iberian Popular Religions
   Carmen M. Nanko-Fernández; p. 163-164; PDF

Challenges to Eucharistic and Ecclesial Communion
   Susan K. Wood; p. 165-166; PDF

The Creative Suffering of the Triune God in the Evolutionary Theology of Arthur Peacocke
   William R. Stoeger; p. 167-168; PDF

The Discipline of Christian Spirituality and Catholic Theology
   Diana L. Villegas; p. 169-170; PDF

The Discipline of Christian Spirituality and Catholic Theology
   Diana L. Villegas; p. 169-170; PDF

Encounters between Rahner and the Religious Other
   Howard Ebert; p. 171-172; PDF

Theology and Ecology in Dialogue: Balthasar and Ecological Identity
   James Schaefer & Peter Ellard; p. 173-174; PDF

The Linguistic Turn and Contemporary Theology
   James Le Grys; p. 175-176; PDF

Theology in Dialogue: The Social Sin of Racism and the Social Sciences
   Laurie Cassidy & Alex Mikulich; p. 177-178; PDF

Dialogues, Tensions, and “Seeds of Hope” in the United States Church
   William A. Clark; p. 179-181; PDF

Theological Anthropology in Dialogue with Racial and National Identity
   Anne M. Clifford; p. 182-183; PDF

The Church in a Globalized World: Dialogue or Disengagement
   Vincent Miller & Michele Saracino; p. 184-185; PDF

   M. Theresa Moser; p. 186-206; PDF

Treasurer’s Report
   Jozef D. Zalot; p. 207-208; PDF

   M. Theresa Moser; p. 209-217; PDF

   Anne E. Patrick & Elizabeth A. Johnson; p. 218-231; PDF