Catholic Theological Society of America

Catholic Theological Society of America


CTSA Proceedings

A Theological Reading of Scripture? Critical Problematic and Prophetic Vision in the Aftermath and Crossroads of Disciplinary Transformation
   Fernando F. Segovia; p. 1-18; PDF

Restorative Justice as a Prophetic Path to Peace
   Stephen J. Pope; p. 19-34; PDF

A Response to Stephen J. Pope
   Kristin E. Heyer; p. 35-42; PDF

Reimagining the Ecclesial/Prophetic Vocation of the Theologian
   Catherine E. Clifford & Richard R. Gaillardetz; p. 43-62; PDF

PRESIDENTIAL ADDRESS Vox Victimarum Vox Dei : Malcolm X as Neglected “Classic” for Catholic Theological Refl ection
   Bryan N. Massingale; p. 63-88; PDF

Apostolic Religious Life: A Prophetic Charism in the Church?
   Mary Ellen Sheehan; p. 89-90; PDF

Ecclesial Dialogue and Prophetic Mission
   Michele Saracino; p. 91-92; PDF

Theology’s Prophetic Commitments: Insights from Experience
   James B. Nickoloff; p. 93-94; PDF

Theology’s Prophetic Commitment to the Urban Church
   Margaret R. Pfeil; p. 95-96; PDF

Avery Dulles on the Engagement of Catholicism with American Culture
   Robert C. Christie; p. 97-98; PDF

Birthing a Future: Motherhood, Mourning, Method
   Karen Trimble Alliaume; p. 99-100; PDF

Feminist Theologies, Catholicity & Mission in a Global Context
   Elisabeth T. Vasko; p. 101-102; PDF

Forming Prophetic Lay Leaders for Catholic Institutions
   Colleen Mary Mallon; p. 103-104; PDF

Hope: The Church’s Prophetic Challenge
   Richard Lennan; p. 105-106; PDF

Interreligious Learning and Prophetic Witness
   Francis X. Clooney; p. 107-108; PDF

International Network of Societies for Catholic Theology
   Catherine E. Clifford; p. 109-110; PDF

Crisis in Book Publishing
   Francis X. Clooney; p. 111-112; PDF

Bioethics & Healthcare Ethics
   Teresia M. Hinga; p. 113-114; PDF

Catholic Social Thought
   Christopher P. Vogt; p. 115-116; PDF

Catholicity & Mission
   Gerald M. Boodoo; p. 117-118; PDF

   Michael E. Lee; p. 119-120; PDF

   Jeffrey Gros; p. 121-122; PDF

Comparative Theology
   Francis X. Clooney; p. 123-124; PDF

Creation & Eschatology
   Eugene Finnegan; p. 125-126; PDF

Fundamental Theology/Method
   Vincent J. Miller; p. 127-128; PDF

   Gill Goulding; p. 129-129; PDF

Historical Studies, I
   Joan M. Nuth; p. 130-131; PDF

Historical Studies, II
   Joan M. Nuth; p. 132-133; PDF

Moral Theology
   William C. Mattison III; p. 134-135; PDF

Practical Theology/Moral Theology
   Lynn Bridgers; p. 136-137; PDF

Sacramental Life & Liturgy
   Bruce T. Morrill; p. 138-139; PDF

   Ray Maria McNamara; p. 140-141; PDF

Theological Anthropology
   Rosemary P. Carbine; p. 142-143; PDF

Theology & the Natural Sciences
   Vincent A. Pizzuto; p. 144-145; PDF

Asian Theology
   Michael T. McLoughlin; p. 146-147; PDF

Black Catholic Theology
   LaReine-Marie Mosely; p. 148-149; PDF

Christianity & Judaism/ Interreligious Studies
   Elena Procario-Foley; p. 150-151; PDF

Hans Urs von Balthasar Society
   Barbara Sain; p. 152-153; PDF

Hispanic Latin@ Theology
   Carmen Nanko-Fernández; p. 154-155; PDF

Karl Rahner Society
   Heidi Russell; p. 156-157; PDF

Women’s Consultation in Constructive Theology
   Rhodora E. Beaton; p. 158-159; PDF

God, Animals & Humankind
   Elizabeth Farians; p. 160-161; PDF

Judaism & Postconciliar Catholic Identity
   Carol Ann Martinelli; p. 162-163; PDF

Muslim-Christian Dialogue
   Richard Penaskovic; p. 164-165; PDF

Reconciliation & Restorative Justice
   Stephen J. Pope; p. 166-166; PDF

Catholic Theology & Global Warming
   Jame Schaefer; p. 167-168; PDF

When the Magisterium Intervenes…
   Richard R. Gaillardetz; p. 169-170; PDF

Intercultural/Transnational Pedagogies
   Jean-Pierre Ruiz; p. 171-172; PDF

Economic Justice for All 25 Years Later
   Mark J. Allman; p. 173-174; PDF

Theology of Migration
   Linh Hoang; p. 175-176; PDF

Secretary’s Report
   M. Theresa Moser; p. 177-197; PDF

Treasurer’s Report
   Jozef D. Zalot; p. 198-200; PDF

Appendix 1. Addenda to the CTSA Directory 2010
   M. Theresa Moser; p. 201-208; PDF

Appendix 2. Report on CUERG’s Activities
   Carmen Nanko-Fernández; p. 209-210; PDF

Appendix 3. Welcome Address
   Bishop Richard G. Lennon; p. 211-213; PDF