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This page provides a citation list of the CTSA membership's new articles (published January 2018 - present).  The articles themselves will not be posted; only the citation will be posted.

To submit an announcement for posting to the Member's New Articles board, email the article citation to CTSA Executive Director in Chicago Manual of Style format.  No links or abstracts will be posted.  Be sure to include your name in the actual reference, as all postings will be copied and pasted as submitted.

CTSA Members New Articles

Benders, Alison Mearns. “Genetic Moral Enhancement? Yes. Holiness? No."  Theology and Science 16, no. 3 (2018): 1-11.  

Blanchard, Shaun. “Neither Cisalpine nor Ultramontane: John Carroll’s Ambivalent Relationship with English Catholicism, 1780–1800,” US Catholic Historian 36.3 (Summer 2018): 1–28. 

Blanchard, Shaun. “The Ghost of Pistoia: Evocations of Auctorem Fidei in the Debate over Episcopal Collegiality at Vatican II,” Theological Studies 79.1 (March 2018): 60–85.

Bretzke, James. “Responsum ad Dubia: Harmonizing Veritatis splendor and Amoris laetitia through a Conscience-Informed Casuistry.” Journal of Catholic Social Thought15/1 (Winter 2018): 211-222.

Cuddeback-Gedeon, Lorraine. "'Nothing About Us Without Us:' Ethnography, Conscientization, and the Epistemic Challenges of Intellectual Disability."  Practical Matters 11 (Spring 2018): 1-18.

Dadosky, John. “The Original Green Campaign: Dr. Hildegard of Bingen’s Viriditas as Complement to Laudato Si,” Toronto Journal of Theology 34/1 (Spring, 2018).

Feder, Julia. “Human Suffering, Evolution, and Ecological Niches: Edward Schillebeeckx in Dialogue with Niche Construction Theory.” Journal of Religion and Society. Supplement 16, Religion and Globalization (2018): 150-64.

Flores, Nichole M. “Beyond Consumptive Solidarity: An Aesthetic Response to Human Trafficking.” Journal of Religious Ethics 46, no. 2 (June 2018): 360–77.

Flores, Nichole M. “Trinity and Justice: A Theological Response to the Sexual Assault of Migrant Women.” Journal of Religion and Society 20, no. 1 (2018): 39–51.

Heyer, Kristin E.  "Internalized Borders: Immigration Ethics in the Age of Trump." Theological Studies 79 (1) 2018.

Liebert, Elizabeth. “Accessible Spiritual Practices to Aid in Recovery from Moral Injury,Pastoral Psychology   DOI: 10.1007/s11089-018-0825-1 (print forthcoming).

Liebert, Elizabeth.“Academic Life and Scholarship as Spiritual Practice” in Berkeley Journal of Religion and Theology, 3(1) spring, 2018, 12-28.

McQuillan, P., James, M.J., and Muldoon, Timothy P. “A Vision for Catholic Higher Education in the 21st Century: Reflecting on the Boston College Roundtable.”Journal of Catholic Education 21 (2) 2018. 

Min, Anselm K., ed.  Faith, Hope, Love, and Justice:  The Theological Virtues Today.  Lanham, MD:  Lexington Books, 2018. 

Min, Anselm K. “Challenges and Opportunities for Faith, Hope, and Love Today,” in Faith, Hope, Love, and Justice:  The Theological Virtues Today, ed. Anselm Min (Lanham, MD:  Lexington Books, 2018), vii-xxv

Min, Anselm K. “Transcendence and Solidarity:  Conditions of Faith, Hope, and Love Today,” in Faith, Hope, Love, and Justice:  The Theological Virtues Today, ed. Anselm Min (Lanham, MD:  Lexington Books, 2018), 197-218

Min, Anselm K. “How Not to Think God:  Aquinian Reflections on the Coherence of Panentheism,” in Das Letzte—der Erste, ed. Grosshans, Stoellger, and Moxter (Tubingen, Germany:  Mohr Siebeck, 2018), 257-279

Min, Anselm K. “Negotiating Diversity and Difference in the Globalizing World: Reflections on the Challenges Facing Christian Churches,” ChristianityNext 2 (Winter 2018), 14-40

Muldoon, Timothy P. "The Body and Integral Ecology." Listening Journal 53:1 (Winter 2018), 18-30.

Muldoon, Timothy P. "Youth, Leisure, and Discernment in an Overscheduled Age." Journal of Moral Theology 7:1 (January 2018), 112-123.

Pramuk, Christopher. "Contemplation and the Suffering Earth: Thomas Merton, Pope Francis, and the Next Generation.”Open Theology 20184: 212-27.

Schaefer, Jame. “Encountering Earth from a Scientifically Informed Theological Perspective.” InEncountering Earth: Thinking Theologically With a More-than-Human World, ed. Timothy Harvie, Matthew Eaton, and Trevor Bechtel, 193-209. Eugene OR: Cascade Books, 2018.    

 Schaefer, Jame. “Responding to Small Island Nations Imperiled by Human-Forced Climate Change: An Ethical Imperative for Christians.” Anglican Theological Review 100.1 (2018): 93-111.

 Schaefer, Jame. “Converting to and Nurturing an Ecological Consciousness--Individually, Collectively, Actively.” In All Creation is Connected: Laudato si’ Background, Reception, and Commentary, ed. Daniel DiLeo, 136-53. Winona MN: Anselm Academic, 2018.

Schaefer, Jame. Guidelines for Interacting with Faith-Based Leaders and Communities: A Proposal by and for Members of the Society for Conservation Biology. Society for Conservation Biology, February 2018.

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