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The CTSA is grateful to the following donors for their gift to the Society.  Their generosity supports the work of the society, including the encouragement of younger scholars, the funding of special projects, continual improvement in the services to members, and interface with other theological societies.  it is a statement of their commitment to the important of the theological project.

The CTSA is a nonprofit organization as defined by Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code.  Gifts made to the CTSA may be tax-deductible.  

Member Donors

2023 Donations

Susan Abraham

Elizabeth Adams-Eilers

Joseph Okech Adhunga

Rev. John Allard

Maria Pilar Aquino

Stephen B. Bevans

W. Jerome Bracken, C.P.

William Buggert

Min Ah Cho

Dolores L. Christie

John W. Crossin, OSFS

Marie C. Egan, IHM

Massimo Faggioli

Christine Firer Hinze

Sixto J. Garcia

Kevin Glauber Ahern

Roberto S. Goizueta

Cecilia Gonzalez-Andrieu

Michael T. Grey, CSSp

Pierre Hegy

Mary Hess

Kristin Heyer

Darlene Hillenbrand

Mary E. Hines

Mary Jo Iozzio

Jan M. Jans

James Keenan, S.J.

Rev. Msgr. Francis B. Koper

Richard W. Kropf

Donald LaSalle, Jr.

Richard Lennan

Reid Locklin

Patrick J. Madden

Nancy Pineda-Madrid

Cathy Melesky Dante

Catherine R. Michaud, CSJ

Niamh Middleton

Elsie Miranda

Mary Kaye Nealen, SP

Jon Nilson

Steven O'Hala

John Segun Odeyemi

Pamela Owens

Robert Trent Pomplun

Janice Poss

Bernard Prusak

Marc A. Pugliese

John A. Radano

Susan Rakoczy, IHM

Donald E. Reed

Philip J. Rossi

Sr. Eilish Ryan

Jame Schaefer

Leah Marie Buturain Schneider

Lisa Sowle Cahill

Dorris van Gaal

Jennie Weiss Block

Anne Weyandt

Laurie Wright Garry

Institutional Donors

 Donations received in support
of the CTSA's 77th Annual Convention

Boston College

McAnulty College and Graduate School of Liberal Arts<
the Department of Theology, and the Department of Catholic Studies
at Duquesne University

President John J. DeGiola and Georgetown University

Harvard School of Divinity, Harvard University

John LaFarge Jesuit Community

Marquette University

Saint Louis University

University of Dayton

Villanova University

Non-member Donations received in support
of the CTSA in 2023

Aquinas Institute of Theology

The Callaghan-Pierog Family Foundation, Inc.

Canisius College

Conference for Mercy Higher Education

Fairfield University

Institute for Advanced Catholic Studies

Mount Angel Seminary

St. Vincent de Paul Regional Seminary

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